05.03.2021 M&A and Corporate

Cuesta assists the client in the listing process and share capital increase up to EUR 1,23 billion

Cuesta Law Office partner Lada Riisna and senior associate Hanne-Loore Mööl have advised large company Ixellion AS with the share capital of EUR 1 023 362 721 in the transaction for transformation and share capital increase. As a result of the process, a limited liability company Ixellion OÜ has been transformed into the public limited liability company Ixellion AS. Share capital of the company has been increased up to EUR 1 050 000 000 alone with the conditional share capital increase for convertible bond issuance purpose. Ixellion AS is one of the biggest equity wise companies in the region, who is engaged in the development of the innovative technologies in the waist-to-energy, energy, electrical engines and aeronautical equipment production fields and agriculture. The company is aimed to list its shares within the year 2021 on several stock exchange platforms in the European Union. 

Read more: https://www.ixellion.eu/