04.10.2022 Dispute Resolution

Partner Jaak Siim article “Rental disputes in the light of price increases”

In the fifth issue of the 2022 edition of the economic magazine Raamatupidamisuudised published last week, Jaak Siim, a partner at the Cuesta Law Office, published an article entitled “Rental disputes in the light of price increases”.

The article reflects the possibilities of entrepreneurs renting commercial premises to request from the lessor to change the lease agreement in terms of the amount of rent or to terminate the lease agreement extraordinarily due to the drastic increase in energy prices and, as a result, utility costs paid to the lessor, which has called into question the ability to properly fulfill the lease agreement and may lead to insolvency in the long run. In the light of case law, the article explains which circumstances must occur and be proven by the lessee in order to start negotiations on changing the lease agreement or, in more extreme cases, cancelling the lease agreement.

The journal Raamatupidamisuudised is the first economic publication aimed at accountants and financiers published in Estonia since 1995. The target group of the magazine, which is published eight times a year, is accountants, financiers, auditors, entrepreneurs and other persons interested in the field. Jaak Siim article can be read by magazine subscribers or registered users of the accounting and legal news website rup.ee.